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So, in the vid above you saw the intent for this posting.

Here’s my take on what the social contract means.

Every time we set foot out of our homes wherever they are, we enter the social world, unless of course you live in total isolation somewhere.  Being amongst or fellow travelers means a certain amount of alteration in our behavior. Like speaking quietly in a library or stepping to one side of the sidewalk to allow someone with packages to pass by.

Each one of those tiny, seemingly inconsequential actions is in fact very important. By choosing to do these things, we without much effort at all, acknowledge that the action was taken because a person was there; not just and object to be avoided, but a person.  All these tiny ticks on the scorecard of our day add up.  Every time we say hello to a stranger we’re adding to the score both for ourselves, and for others. But perhaps most importantly, every one of these small actions makes us feel infinitesimally better, and that mounts up and spreads around quickly.

Engagement with the rest of the world is of course a choice, and one we make every minute of every day.  Hell, there are times when I want nothing more than solitude, we all do.  That said, we miss a lot when we reflexively avoid involving ourselves in the dance of life.

Taking the time to be present is a chance to make new friends, establish connections that may lead to wonderful new things emotionally, professionally, personally and spiritually.

And all of this stuff can help us each move through our lives to greater effect and with more ease and pleasure on all sides.

So, tell me what you think.  How does the social contract involve you?  How do you feel about it? How do you manifest it?  And what benefits are there for you and others that haven’t been said?

The Back Story

So you’re wondering, (at least I hope that you are) why I’m doing this and what I want to accomplish.

Here’s the story in a nutshell.  Recently I was brought up short by my inclusion in a wonderful project called Socrates Spoke, ( check it out at where I was interviewed about what I was passionate about.  Rather than giving the interviewer, Casey Miller my press release version of things I just spit out the thing that was really true, that I had not acknowledged in my heart till that day.  Instead of answering the question “What are you passionate about?” by saying, “my art and design work” I said I was “passionate about helping others”.

Now, anyone who has known me for more than 15 minutes knows that’s true of me.  But it astounded me nonetheless.  I had thought myself pretty self aware, but here I was being struck dumb by a revelation within myself that should have been all too obvious.

So I started thinking, and thinking, and thinking some more.  I was wondering what I could do in a larger scale sense to be of assistance to those I know and those who want help.

Then I shifted focus a bit and started to think about the huge morass of problems cultural, political, spiritual, ecological and economic that we are all of us humans facing today.

So much of what I have learned I realized could be applied to every day events and people to help mitigate the stress of the many changes that we are all in.  And so, I found myself sitting before my laptop one night, turned it on, opened photobooth and started talking.

The video you see here is the result.  Badly lit and too quiet as it is.  And as many friends have said, lacking my usual sparkle.  lol  In that at least I can assure you it will never happen again.  I’m a pretty upbeat, gregarious guy by nature.

So all that said, I’m hoping here to get a dialog, and an ongoing help system going that can give us common folks a leg up in this world of confusion.

We’ve only got ourselves to rely on, and frankly that’s a hell of a lot of wonderful people.  If we choose to, we can change the course of our own future,and the world’s too, to create a place that is better for ALL of our Human Family.

So join me if you dare and we’ll go find a new pathway for our lives and our communities.  We only get to live once at a time you know!

My Best, Paul

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country 🙂 Joyously!

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