Hey Everyone,

In me you’ll find a guy who is passionate about life in all its forms whether it is exploring a new idea, trying a great new restaurant, listening to new music, or most importantly making a new connection with someone.  Life is endlessly full of possibilities for me. I find the world I live in dazzling.  My idea of a perfect evening is one spent in the company of interesting people of wide experience, sharing a good meal, a bottle of wine and conversation that ranges all over the map.

I was born in McKeesport, Pa.  I had the remarkable good fortune to grow up in a functional family where I was never unsure of the love and support of my parents and sister.  Of course I developed my own demons over time anyway, as we all do, regardless of our situation in life.  But over time I conquered my shyness, came out of the closet, and learned to be a loving, supportive man in my adulthood.

Educationally, my time in college was devoted to theater. in particular costume design and construction got my attention.  And I have been creating costumes and art ever since.

I’ve always been an avid observer of the world and the people around me, not because of some voyeuristic tendencies, but because I always want to know the why behind the words and the actions that we create our world with.  And particularly in these days of ever-increasing turmoil and disruption, finding out the back story behind why we do what we do seems to me to be a vital clue for relieving those stresses as much as we can.

Since my childhood I’ve been the one others come to when they have trouble or need help with something.  In my years of work helping people in various ways both personal and professional, I’ve learned a good deal about things we do that block us from communicating what we need, set us up to be in conflict and otherwise hamper smoother, happier progress through our lives.